writing: friendship and growth

Welcome!!! to my presentation !, About friendship, and growth.

When i was little(靠过来正式), i used to make many friends. no matter who they are!, we can easily build intimate relationship, by sharing almost everything.
At that time, friends mean a whole world to me,
So when i went into the college!, i wanted to build and maintain the same kind of relationship

(平淡)But soon i found myself wrong.in college, friendship seems to be more complicate and sometimes utilitarian.
Even my high school best friends, are losing contact with me(担心) because of our decreasing intersection.

It seems that the illusion of intimate friends are drifting far away from me.
so i started to question why(靠近). is it because the adults don’t deserve close friends——
,or because It is not a matter of friendship itself , instead, a matter of the stage of time.
So Here is my analogy.

Our life in childhood is like a shuttle bus travelling to the airport(挥手), at the beginning, (看周围挥手)Everything happened around! worth appreciating and sharing. So We made a lot of fun together, then we arrived at the airport, we took off the bus and suddenly realized that there was a much much bigger world in store for us.
Then we grew up(扬手), in order to live a new life, we scattered, we headed to different terminals to take our own flight to our own future.
It is at that moment that ! our journey became our own business. As for friends! They turned out to be occasional guests shown up in part of our life?(左边右边), instead of the rest of the time.
It is disheartening, though!, (振奋)but i gonna tell you what,
It is friends that help us endeavor hard times when we are vulnerable.
It is friends that teach us how to be alone in the face of the world.?
it is friends that made all the things(分手) we have possible.
It is friends that comprise of all the best memories that we have in our growth.
As we become adults, We don’t actually rely on others because we can be independent.
After all, Friendship, to our growth, is not about eternity, it is about harmony,(握拳),harmony lasted for a length of a breath, which however, enough to change everything.

(笑)That’s all.thank you very much