Will IOTA soar after creating the myth of wealth?

     At the end of last year, iota coin was up 100% overnight, reappearing the myth of cryptocurrency creating wealth. It is even rumored on the Internet that a person spent $50, 000 in iota three years ago,Three years later, the mans

investment became 520,000 times the original amount.  The reason is that iota price has risen from $0.00006 to $5.84 after two years of change.

Some people think that iota is comparable to bitcoin, but what is iota? I define iota this way, First of all, iota is a technology that uses DAG to implement information transmission and to integrate cryptocurrency functions. Secondly, iota is a new transaction settlement and data transfer layer designed for the Internet of Things on the basis of new distributed books.

For investors, the iota value is more of their concern.Judging by the value of iota for a whole year, after the soaring price of iota last December, there has been no major increase. Looking at iota's dollar price list can know that although iota prices will not soar this week, but the upward trend is obvious. The price of iota yesterday has risen to the highest since 2018, but it has started to call back today. Therefore, there is a certain risk of rapid wealth by investing in iota, but long-term holding is also likely to encounter iota coin price skyrocketing